Welcome to my website Mattepainting.be


Im a Digital mattepainter with 14 years of professional experience around the world.

My speciality is digital mattepainting, but also, concepts, illustration, multimedia development, animation and vfx.

I love to work with small studios and independents productions.

If you are an independent or small studio we can allways find an arrangement about your budget, time and production needs.

If you don't have a budget, you have to know one thing, i don't work for free, i don't provide free samples or free tests, i don't work for my "resume" or for the "glory" of a movie title.

If your'e looking for something specific, we can discuss about your needs, and try to find the best solution with your budget, time and feasibility.


Thanks for visiting my website.

Last update 12/10/2014






Leonardo Sedevcic Digital mattepainter & multimedia developer 2001 - 2015