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Mattepainting.be is an artist focusing primarily on high end photo realistic images.
Under LEO‘s hands, you’ll find impressive talent and experience ready to roll on all kind of projects.
From Digital Matte Painting, Concept Art, Storyboard, CG Environment, 2D and 3D Animations to Mobiles, Kiosks, Desktop Interactive App Development.

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i'm more productive i can work faster on shorter delay ( less distraction ).
I don’t have to commute so i have more time to spent on my work ( less tired ).
It’s eco-friendly no transports involved ( no pollution ).
I will be in better health for future projects ( less stress / risks of burnout ).
It’s much cheaper i d'ont have to spent money ( less expenses / no traveling / renting costs ).
And because of Covid19 !

All my contracts are managed by AMPLO