Digital Backgrounds created for Projection Mapping on Screen & Buildings, Digital Movie Sets, Virtual Environments & Set Extensions for Movies & Tv Commercials


Concept art-ideas & drawings. Here you can find various concept art-ideas, drawings and sketches of all kind created for pre-production, and more. I'm allways learning tips from various artists & art books.


Storyboarding is the art of sketching scenes from the camera point of view. Storyboards allow Filmakers to see a Blueprint of the movie before the animation process.


Animation and visual effects, examples include films, videos, animated text & Logos, web-based animations, Stop-motion animations, cut-out 2.5D animations.


I'm also a FrontEnd Developer, i use Html, Html5, Css, Css Grid, Css Flexbox, Javascript, Bootstrap 3 & 4, Jquery, Ajax, Media Queries, hard coded in notpadd++. I can also optimize the website for Best SEO & SEA, and "Mobile Friendly".


My work speaks for goals of my clients, it's crafted carefully and created with passion.
My role is to listen and trust, research, explore, create and design, present and deliver.
People hire me because I am good at what I love to do.